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2 Additional classrooms - Jalameh

2 Additional Classrooms - Deir Abu Da'eef

2 Additional Classrooms - Toura Al Gharbiyeh

Access road - El Mutilleh

8 Additional Classrooms - Sourif

School wall - Deir Samit

Cistern roofing etc. - Halhoul

School wall - Nuba

Water Reservoir - Nazlet Issa

Road Rasfa and Asphalt - Saida

2 Additional Classrooms - Ousarine

Clinic of Two Rooms - Betounia

Rehabilitation in Youth Club - AL-Fawar Camp

Finishing of classrooms - Beit Imreen

Additional Classrooms - Al-Taybeh

Construction of Sanitary Unit - Faroun

Finishing of classrooms - Deir Ibzie'

Asphalting of Playground - Bir Zeit

Rehab.& Const.of Water Cisterns - Kufur Niimeh

Rehab. of handy crafts workshop - Al-Ezariah

Construction of Sanitary Unit - Qaffin

Construction of retaining walls - Arraba

KG retain.walls & external works - Bizaria

Additional classrooms - Kifl-Hares

Construction of retaining walls - Ramallah

Construction of water cisterns - Beit Ur-Tehta

4 Additional classrooms - Sirees

4 Additional classrooms - Al-Yamoun

Construction of retaining walls - Kufr Ra'i

4 Additional classrooms - Sileh alharthieh

Construction of water cisterns - Deir Abu Da'if

Construction of sidewalks - Sirees

Cons. Walls & asphalt. Playgr. - Al-Yamoun

Walls & water proofing for gym. - Ramallah

Rehab. Of multi purpose hall - Jerusalem

Rehab.&asphalt.of school playgr. - Deir Al-Ghusoun

Construction of water cisterns - Raba& Bir Al-Basha

Finishing of 6 classrooms - Arraba

6 Additional classrooms - Silet Al-Thaher

3 Additional classrooms - Qabatia

Construction of water cisterns - Faqu'a&Sirees

Construction of Sanitary Unit - Anabta - Beit Lid

Cons.Wall,finish.Lab.&asphalt.playgr. - Kufr Al Labad

Construction of Sanitary Unit - Al Ras

Construction of water cisterns - Arraneh & Beit Qad

Furnishing of KG - Bizaria

Construction/Rennovation of 48 water cisterns - Raba

Finishing of 3 classrooms with Rehabilitation of cimputer lab - Jarushieh

Maintenance of 8 classrooms and construction of Retaining wall and pavements - Allar

Construction and finishing of sanitary block - Tulkarem

Construction and finishing of 3 classrooms and a staircase - Kufr El Labad

Rehabilitation of Ruwad Al Ghad KG and furnishing KG with furniture and corners - Deir El Gousoun

Rehabilitation of the KG at the Welfare Care Society and furnishing KG with corners - Nur Schams Refugee camp

Provision of corners and musical percussions to Al Liqa'a school - Jerusalem

Provision of corners and musical percussions to Al Freres school - Jerusalem

Provision of corners and musical percussions to Salisian KG - Jerusalem