Area Committee

Heads of Churches from the respective four families; Eastern Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Episcopal Anglican and Lutheran Churches forming the four Chuch Families of MECC on equal Church representation, appointed the Area Committee, which is the Governing body of NECC-ICC.


The committee comprises of 12 members, who serve for a term of 4 years. The enforced constitutions throughout its representation embody a diversity of professionals, volunteers, in various fields. Youth and gender issues were considered in this composition.


Area Committee Board Members


Mr. Ibrahim Maliha (Chairperson)
Dr. Mary Komsieh (Vice Chairperson)
Mr. Ghassan Moustaklem (Treasurer)
Mrs.Tala Faltas (Secretary)
Ms. Naela Rabah (Member)
Mr. Maurice Younan (Member)
Ms. Elham Salameh (Member)
Mr. George Sahhar (Member)
Mrs. Sandra Khoury (Member)
Father Antonios Al Ourshalimi (Member)
Mr. Samer Shehadeh (Member)
Mr. Sobhi Makhoul (Member)


Core Staff Members


Mr.  Ramzi Zananiri (Executive Director)
Eng. Luna Siniora (Projects Manager)
Mr.  Hanna Khoury (Finance Officer)
Mrs.Suzan Dahdal (Secretary)
Eng. Thaer Abdel Qader (Field coordinator)
Ms.Elham Salameh (Loan Officer)