Organizational History & Structure

The Near East Christian Council Committee for Refugee Work- the International Christian Committee (NECC-ICC) is a Humanitarian Ecumenical Church Related Organization established in 1949, when four Americans residing in Jerusalem wired the World Council of Churches requesting immediate support for the Palestinian refugees who sought refuge in the West Bank. Their appeal materialized in the form of relief assistance including food, medical supplies and clothes.


The Near East Christian Council Committee for Refugee Work (NECCCRW), consisting in Jordan of both the International Christian Committee (ICC) and the NECCCRW East Jordan Committee, a non-profit private organization supported by the World Council of Churches and its constituent national councils provides a way for its donors throughout the world through their voluntary contributions, to express their friendship for the people of the Near East by extending direct assistance in the form of relief and community development.


Structurally, NECC-ICC operates as the area committee for the Department of Service to the Palestinian Refugees (DSPR), which is a service department of the umbrella organization Middle East Council of Churches (MECC). MECC is an international organization which acts as an ecumenical forum of service for all Christians of all denominations in the Middle East.


NECC-ICC has a rich experience in working with the poorest of the poor and the marginalized communities within the Palestinian society. Since its founding as an International Organization, NECC-ICC has evolved from a relief based organization to one with a grass roots development strategy that included mother and child centers, infrastructure development, land reclamation, access to education and water, social work and training in nutrition and gender awareness as well as vocational training. Through over sixty years of work and experience with the Palestinian people, NECC-ICC has positively affected over 460 rural and urban localities.