Identity, Culture & Values

The fact that the International Christian Committee is an ecumenical body, representative of the local Church with its executive membership comprising of local Church leaders, we are called as Christians to serve in humbleness and self-sacrifice, putting our own pride and agendas aside to meet the needs of the marginalized and oppressed in society.


There has been a continuous Christian presence in Palestine for the last 2000 years testifying to the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ, events which all took place in this very land. The International Christian Committee responded to the first Nakba and has been sincere in its Diakonia towards serving the Palestinians on the baselines of our Christian beliefs and understanding.


Diakonia and unity (ecumenism) are naturally intertwined, strengthen and encourage one another. This is most evident when churches come together across denominations to provide relief and assistance to those in need. At the same time, assuming a position of servant hood while lifting up and encouraging fellow Christians is a spirited expression of both ecumenism and diakonia derived from our Christian beliefs that proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ as hope for the suffering and to teach love and justice according to God's will.

  Values upon which our Diakonia is based.

  •  Human beings are created in the image of God underlines the equal values of ALL irrespective of race, color, sex or creed.
  • Expressing Christian witness in an ecumenical spirit.
  • Community’s involvement in defining their needs, aspirations and priorities to bring about change in their lives.
  • Enhancing ownership through the active involvement and engagement in the early stages of planning and implementation which ensures sustainability.
  • Learning culture is practiced, experienced and shared with local communities and governance to empower them and promote self reliance.
  • Transparency, credibility and accountability are emphasized locally and internationally.
  • Ensuring Gender integration and balance within actions.
  • Encourage voluntary spirit and practice.